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Dear Melkoniantsi

This web page has been created and designed by a Melkoniantsi, in which case it is different in content, because it is built by a Melkoniantsi, from Melkonian for Melkonian. Every Melkoniantsi will have an opportunity to have his or her own page to share with his or her Melkoniantsi brothers and sisters. This web site is our FAMILY TREE, It is to keep in touch with our great Melkonian Family, where we spent our most precious, formidable, unforgettable, unbelievable, BUT most memorable years. This will be our DYNAMIC HOUSHAMADIAN, constantly changing and updating by every MELKONIANTSI starting from inception 1924, to today, and into the future of MEI.
This web site is collaborative, interactive, and belongs TO ALL MELKONIAN STUDENTS.  It is up to all of us to develop it, improve it, and make it into a MEI COMPLETE ARCHIVE. Let’s make it factual, incorporating personal moments, feelings, laughter, loneliness, and any other type of emotion, which is familiar to most Melkoniantsis. Is there anything better than sharing these moments with other Melkoniantsis around the world?
Let us show the world that Melkoniantsis are a unique Armenian breed, and that no other Armenian boarding has come close to it with our distinguished teachers, caring staff, athletic teachers, artistic musicians, talented artists, and countless achievements. All these and more will be documented on the web site by different Melkoniantsi authors, checked and double checked by a team of editors to guarantee the authenticity of all the articles, pictures, sites, and facts. Therefore, Melkoniantsis, I beseech you, let us prove to them that we are THE PREVILAGED CHILDEREN of the Melkonian Brothers and that we shall not and will not let the Melkonian family name fade away or disappear. This should be a promise by every Melkoniantsi in return for the opportunities they have bestowed upon us.
With your comments and suggestions we will improve the web site thanks to Haig Balikian, who has created and spent many hours to develop it. Thank you Haig for continuing to do so VOLUNTARY AND FREE OF CHARGE.
Let’s all do our share and  build it by      REGISTERING.

This will be our DYNAMIC HOUSHAMADIAN, constantly updating by every MELKONIANTSI. This web site is collaborative and interactive. It is up to all of us to make it into a MEI COMPLETE ARCHIVE.



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