Our Goals

  • Establish a lifelong relationship with its alumni around the world.
  • Promote interaction with and among alumni.
  • Highlight the achievements of all Melkoniantsis, a list of Who's Who from the conception of MEI to present and future.
  • To openly communicate and interpret the MEI goals and achievements to others; and to promote a spirit of unity and loyalty among MEI alumni and friends.
  • Provide a Dynamic website with interactive features, where every Melkoniantsi will be able to establish, upload, edit and keep it up to date constantly. Every Melkoniantsi will build his or her profile page accessible to every registered Melkoniantsi with search options. Melkoniantsis around the world will be able to search and find their classmates, friends, teachers etc.
  • Personal profile will consist of following: First name, last name, maiden name, local address, city, state, country, age, gender, date went to MEI, date left/graduated MEI, name known at MEI, present occupation, profession, interests / hobbies.
  • A picture gallery, maintained by each Melkoniantsi for himself , whole class, or any picture that is taken at MEI with a narrative.
  • NEWSLETTER that every registered Melkoniantsi will be able to receive, read, upload informative articles, personal views and suggestions. Polling and general censuses on subjects concerning MEI and its alumni.



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