Mission Statement

The mission of the Melkonian Alumni is to passionately preserve and promote the reputation, sustenance and growth of Melkonian Educational Institute. We want to immortalize the benefactors Melkonian Brothers, Agha Garabed and Agha Krikor Melkonian and we want to build and strengthen the allegiance between MEI, Alumni and its Armenian community. Out of gratitude for the education received at MEI and a belief in the value of Armenian higher education, the Melkonian Alumni is committed to continuous improvement of the educational process through its support to the MEI where ever that happens to be. The Melkonian Alumni will promote a meaningful dialogue and exchange of ideas between the AGBU, MEI and its alumni. The Melkonian Alumni is committed to strengthening alumni relations in support of the MEI mission. These include, but are not limited, to providing information about the status of MEI to alumni, sponsoring a variety of activities of interest to the alumni and providing the alumni with opportunities for service to MEI.



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